Apparelmaster provides a huge range of options for work overalls, coveralls and boiler suits. We offer an extensive range of overall types and options ranging from the standard single colour, cotton and poly-cotton blended overalls, through to more customised overall options that include company branded overalls in corporate colours, specific day or night, Tranzit NZ certified hi-viz and protective overalls. As a New Zealand leader in workwear rental, we have overalls and workwear options suited to all industries and commercial applications.

Apparelmaster provides its customers with overalls as part of a total workwear solution, which covers the supply, commercial laundering, dry cleaning and repair of company overalls and other workwear. We partner with our customers and use our experience and expertise to help them select the right types of overalls and options for both their business and each individual employee. We can provide and personally fit a large range of overall types, which also include standard overalls, waterproof overalls, protective overalls and even fire retardant and non-conductive overalls.

At Apparelmaster we partner with our customers to deliver Total Workwear Solutions, tailored to their specific needs. We help our customers avoid the cost of setting up and managing their own company workwear and apparel by purchasing their overalls and workwear for them and then renting it back to them. Renting your company overalls and workwear directly from us provides a range of benefits over purchasing outright and allows companies to better manage their costs while enjoying the benefits of our fully managed workwear solution.


Our overalls and workwear rental service offers a huge range of features and benefits saving your company time and money and giving you the freedom to get on with what you're good at. Alongside the cost and time saving, here is a selection of other key benefits.

  • Custom fitting of overalls, uniforms and garments for each individual person.
  • Full repairs and alterations on-going and at no extra charge.
  • Overall branding options; embroidered company logos and/or personnel names.
  • Full workwear replacement programme (as and when required).
  • Professional laundering or dry cleaning service.


We supply overalls and company workwear to a wide range of businesses across New Zealand. As a result we’re confident we have an ideal solution to meet your company overall and workwear requirements too.

Apparelmaster provide a range of standard cotton and poly-cotton blended overalls, ideal for use across a wide range of trades including: automotive mechanics, painters and decorators, electricians, plumbers and engineers.

We also supply a comprehensive range of protective overalls especially suited to heavy industry work including flame-retardant and hi-visibility day/night overalls. These types of specialised and heavy-duty overalls are ideal for businesses in the road works, construction, mining and transportation industries. Workwear in many of these sectors needs to comply with strict industry safety standards, Apparelmaster ensure they constantly stay abreast of any changes to workwear compliance.

Apparelmaster – Masters of workwear rental and cleaning.

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