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Businesses in the food and hospitality industries are required to uphold increasingly stringent standards in personal cleanliness and hygiene. At Apparelmaster we offer a huge range of food industry-specific workwear and when integrated with a garment-cleaning programme, Apparelmaster helps businesses meet and exceed hygiene requirements.

Our specialist range of food industry workwear caters for a wide range of “hospo” jobs, all specific to the manufacture, preparation and processing of food. Our food industry clothing range is designed for food handling and preparation purposes and includes: dustcoats and trousers, jerkins and one-piece overalls. Being specialists in the delivery and maintenance of workwear for the food and seafood processing industries, we understand the importance for food companies to adhere to stringent food safety policies and therefore the importance of using MAF approved cleaning products.

Our service extends well beyond just the supply and fit-out of your company workwear and uniforms. Apparelmaster offers a one-stop-shop that handles every detail, from the initial workwear supply, through to custom fitting and a managed care and cleaning programme for all your workwear. Our food industry apparel supply services are all specifically tailored to meet your business requirements. Apparelmaster's food industry workwear and apparel can be rented or purchased outright, or we can simply clean and launder your existing workwear. Talk to us about your requirements.

If you'd like to know more about our food industry specific garments and our specialised cleaning programmes, contact us today to find out more.


Our experience and expertise with food industry workwear means we can quickly guide and fit you with your preferred apparel option, all from our specialist food industry range.

The range of durable, hardwearing food industry specific workwear includes:

  • Food Industry Jerkins - white and hi vis.
  • Food Industry Trousers - white and hi vis.
  • Food Industry Overalls - white and hi vis.
  • Food Industry Dustcoats - white and hi vis.

We can tailor garments to meet your requirements, for example, we can attach hoods and provide varying sleeve lengths. We can also supply headwear and industrial protective oven gloves. So whatever your requirements, we'll have something to match.


We carry a range of workwear specifically developed for commercial food preparation and the hospitality industry. In addition to hospitality uniforms we provide garments for cooks and chefs including:

  • Chefs Uniforms.
  • Chefs Jackets.
  • Chefs Aprons.
  • Chefs Trousers.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of catering and hospitality attire.

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